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***New Products***

Our Mumma and Bubba range is well on its way, 'Milk It Baby' for Lactation and 'Feelin Funky' for Morning Sickness - the rest are brewing and on their way shortly. 

We have a fabulous range of teapots on the webiste now and some spectacular products coming for Christmas

Browse through our pages and check out the awesome range of tea, herbals, cups, pots and accessories.  

Kickstart your morning with a gorgeous Herbal Tea and enjoy your day with us!

We pride ourselves on providing ingredients of the highest quality of our herbal tea blends from Australian Sauces. The colour and quality can be seen in the individual blends. 

Take your time and look around the store for the large range of blended Herbal Tea, and Excellent Quality Teas.  We have products you will enjoy yourself or to give as a special gift. 

Our intricate blends have taken time to get right and give that special flavour that we are sure you will find pleasing. 

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