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Check out our blog posts we put up from time to time.  Will generally be about new products that are on their way or News News News about Siege & Dee.  Read an enjoy and if you have any queries click on the contact us link and send through for you. 


3rd Post

So..... Covid-19 has decided to make itself a thing... a thing that has shut down life as we presently know it, which means that we are not attending any markets until it is safe to do so.  I have added everything that I would normally have at the markets to the website plus some.

I have also blended an amazing new tissane purely aimed at boosting the immunity system, not only should it do some good, it also tastes good.  

Coming soon is a range of Chai teas and a Maternity Range aimed at morning sickness, lactation, constipation, stress and all other issues we have pre and post baby. 


2nd Post

It's been an incredibly busy week here at Siege & Dee culminating in the market today at Hurstbridge where we were fortunate in selling out of our Mischief and Mayhem and Chill the F*ck Out blends, along with running low on a few others.  Great feedback coming through as well but is always good to hear.  

Two new blends are coming up this week.  I have been working on Chai blends for awhile now and feel like I have my take on a two Chai blends.  Names are cool too.  Should be loaded by Thursday with any luck. 

Will be at Red Hill Market on Saturday 7th Speptember and then at Mornington Racecourse market on Sunday 8th.  Come and check us out and have a look at the new blends.  I will have new and fresh stock of all the teas and replemished stocks of the sold out blends from this week. 

I look forward to seeing you at the market.


1st Post

Well, it has taken a while but here we are.  Website up and running and still trying to work out how to get traffic through the  It is most definitely a learning curve.  Nothing happens easily with tech.  We started Siege and Dee Herbal Tea because I saw a gap in the market with gorgeous teas and blends that have fun and funky names, names, and descriptions that we can relate to and make great ideas for gifts and just to have on your shelf for a talking point.  


It helps, of course, that the blends are made with quality base products sourced from distributors in Australia.  We have had so much fun trying different products to see what works and what doesn't but so so much fun has been had. 


The names for our blends are a play on lots of different things, sayings, places, movies, characters, feelings and just Why Not?  They are playful, funky, fun and descriptive.  I love them.  

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