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Well, it has taken awhile but here we are.  Website up and running and still trying to work out how to get traffic through the site...lol.  It is most definitely a learning curve.  Nothing happens easily with tech.  We started Siege and Dee because I saw a gap in the market with gorgeous teas and blends that have fun and funky names, names and descriptions that we can relate to and make great ideas for gifts and just to have on your shelf for a talking point.  

It helps, of course, that the blends are made with quality base products sourced from distributors in Australia.  We have had so much fun trying different products to see what works and what doesn't but so so much fun has been had. 

The names for our blends are a play on lots of different things, sayings, places, movies, characters, feelings and just Why Not?  They are playful, funky, fun and descriptive.  I love them.